1) N-COUNT: oft N to-inf A compulsion is a strong desire to do something, which you find difficult to control.

He felt a sudden compulsion to drop the bucket and run...

It's a compulsion to write, more than talent, that makes a writer.

2) N-UNCOUNT If someone uses compulsion in order to get you to do something, they force you to do it, for example by threatening to punish you if you do not do it.

Many universities argued that students learned more when they were in classes out of choice rather than compulsion...

There is already an element of compulsion in existing government schemes for the unemployed.


English dictionary. 2008.


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  • compulsion — [ kɔ̃pylsjɔ̃ ] n. f. • 1298; lat. compulsio 1 ♦ Dr. Vx Contrainte. 2 ♦ (de l angl.) Psychol., psychan. Impossibilité de ne pas accomplir un acte, lorsque ce non accomplissement est générateur d angoisse, de culpabilité. ● compulsion nom féminin… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Compulsión — Compulsión: Es un término usado en psicoanálisis que define a un sujeto aparentemente sano que presenta una conducta adictiva u obsesiva irresistible ante una determinada situación subyugante. Contenido 1 Compulsión por el Hobby 2 Compulsión por… …   Wikipedia Español

  • compulsion — com·pul·sion /kəm pəl shən/ n 1: an act of compelling (as by threat or intimidation); specif: coercion a payment exacted by lawless compulsion E. A. Farnsworth and W. F. Young 2: the state of being compelled; specif …   Law dictionary

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  • compulsión — Impulso irresistible, repetitivo e irracional para realizar un acto que por lo general es contrario a los propios juicios y valores, de tal forma que produce una ansiedad extrema si no se efectúa. Un tipo de compulsión es la compulsión repetitiva …   Diccionario médico

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